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Dr David Kay


Dr Sheridan Kay

"We would only ever sell the equipment we would put in to our own practice.

I was emphatic when the New Zealand College purchased their new drop tables; Zenith was the only choice”

Dr Sheridan Brady-Kay (Thompson Technique instructor, NZCC faculty and Practicing Chiropractor)

Our relationship with Williams Manufacturing extends 50 years with the late Dr Alan Brady utilising the Zenith range both in practice and for Thompson technique seminars. Through this relationship, we are proud to represent Zenith Chiropractic tables in both New Zealand and now Australia.

We see an opportunity to support and develop Chiropractic through this iconic brand. Since 2004, we’ve expanded to improve service, provide better communication and offer Australian Chiropractors the highest quality equipment anywhere in the world.

David and Sheridan (A certified Thompson Technique instructor) are from Albury and Wodonga respectively in Australia and now practice in Auckland, New Zealand. They both regularly attend conferences to sharpen their own skills and exhibit the .

"We provide both Australian and New Zealand Chiropractors the opportunity to use and experience Zenith Tables and what they have to offer."

We are excited to be Australia’s new Zenith Distributor and look forward to providing you with the Zenith Experience.