Every great athlete has a favourite piece of equipment that makes them better at what they do. A glove, pad, shoe, racquet, club, bat, ball, helmet..whatever! The athlete is great regardless, but the equipment gives them confidence and helps them function at a higher level than they could on their own. For chiropractors, I believe the same is true of our equipment.

I received my first adjustment on a Zenith 420 in 1972 and that changed my life. From there, I got to spend 17 years with an amazing man, Dr. J. Clay Thompson, who invented the Zenith 440 Thompson Table and all that I experienced under his teaching helped mould my approach to practice forever. I've given over 1,000,000 adjustments on Zenith tables (no pain, arthritis or degenerative problems) and helped change other people's lives forever.

Zentih tables are un-paralelled. For me, Zenith tables  have all the positives; quick and crisp drops, smooth hy-lo and elevation to make getting on and off easier for patients who may need assistance, you can practice almost any technique on them, their value is unsurpassed in the industry and they are easy to use....


In 1981 Dr Allan Brady, one the world busiest chiropractors told me to buy a Thompson 440 table as the first priority before the flash car.

Since I already had the car, he sent me one with a note ‘pay me when you can’ this is the most important piece of equipment that you need to great results and build a big practice.

It only took 12 months from scratch to make good on this promis and the latest table (my sixth) with the electric front section is an integral part of my practice" Dr Mark Pickford - Pickford Chiropractic Gold Coast Australia

I just love them. That's why I have 4!
I love the engineering, the build quality, their excellent drops and the fact that I can adjust absolutely anything on them, with extreme effectiveness and certainty.”


I've spent 25 years in practice using Thompson Terminal Point tables made by Zenith, the're strong, robust and unbelievably reliable. I have two practices and three Zeniths, the table at my home practice is at least 30 years old and the drops on it are as clean and crisp today as the other two tables were when they new 14 years ago and haven't missed a beat either. There are Zenith tables and then there are the rest. I know what I'd do!

Dr Chris Kay – Hunter Valley, Australia.

I've used Zenith, Lloyd, Hill, Chattanooga, US Tables, Leander and a host of other brands in practice and teaching and, without question, the Zenith Thompson line is my favourite. The drops are crisp and consistent and the tables are built like tanks. My personal table is a Zenith 420Ci with the enamelled, cast iron base. Probably from the 1970's or early 1980's, and it works as well today as it did the day it rolled out of the showroom.

Dr Steven Agocs – Head Thompson technique lecturer CLEVELAND Chiropractic College USA

When I opened my new practice, I wanted to make sure I had top quality equipment that would last for decades and help me perform great adjustments. After working on Zenith and Lloyd tables during my associate-ship and on a Metron as a locum, I knew that Zenith's were well and truly the best out there and were worth the investment. I get comments all the time from people about how nice my table is. After 6 months I liked my first one so much that I bought a second. My tables are both 440L's. The next table I get will definitely be a hy-lo 440 as I miss that ability to get acute people onto and up from the table with ease. Dave and Sheri did an awesome job at taking care of me throughout the purchase process and kept me informed while taking all the hassle out of importing such a large item. I mentioned the quality was the best and the reason I feel this way is that the drops are quicker, deeper and more comfortable than some other brands. I also love the quality construction and the engineering that went into it. Having pneumatic drops is also important as it saves me from bending forward as much and it makes me more efficient.”

Dr David Comely – Chiropractor Wellington

As someone who wanted a table for primarily manual adjusting, the Zenith is the table that is a perfect fit.  Stable enough for full spine manual while allowing for those patients who need a different protocol.  The best part is the verti-lift allows me to save my own spine from too much bending.  Definitely a table that will last me many many years."

Dr Alice Cade – Council Member NZCA; DICCP

When friends asked me why I invested in a table, the simple reply was would your courier drive some old broken down van when that is the core of their work? - the Zenith is no different. I have worked on many different tables. In the first practice, we had a  30 year old Zenith which had been given a service and recover for me to practice on - it was still smooth as silk. For My own pricetice I worked with metron's. Although these have drops, they're not a patch.... even on a 30 year old zenith!!

So when I could I brought my dream table - the Zenth 460, the day was a highlight! I was 6 months pregnant with twins. I'd never left the practice after consulting feeling better!! Three years on.... I am still the happiest chiropractor you could find. The zenith is amazing!

I now have patients who drive 45 minutes past my other practice to be adjusted on this table! Why is it so much better than the other tables? The drops are responsive, directional and effective. Here in the Wairarapa I see plenty of 'burly' guys and after a few adjustments on the Zenith they stop asking me to adjust them diversified.

I love my Zenith and would never buy anything else! 

I think of the Zenith not only as a great equipment, but the greatest investment for you and you patients”

Dr Sarah-Jane Huggins – Chiropractor, Masterton, NZ

“Thank you for your very professional and personal attention. My Zenith looks great and is a fantastic tool in my practice.  I got exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it and delivered to just where I wanted it. Thanks so much for looking after me so well.  Mihi,”

Dr Cherye Roche: Auckland, NZ.

We love having these high quality Thompson tables at the College. They are wonderful to use and we are very appreciative to have them to train future chiropractors.” Dr Eric Russell – President NZ Chiropractic College