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If I have a used Zenith, can you supply parts or upgrades?

In general, yes. Of course some of the original and very dated tables are very difficult to source replacement parts. We always do our best to get exactly what you need.

My Table’s Upholstery has worn, how do I replace it?

Do you really want to be adjusting people on the worn out, tired looking table?

The good news is, we can source exactly the upholstery kit you need to revitalise your existing equipment. New upholstery kits are custom laser cut and stitched at our U.S. factory. You can change the colour or upgrade your current upholstery. The custom covers will need to be installed by an upholsterer. Better still, if you table is a little older, you may wish to upgrade the cushions as well. We can ship these directly to you. The replacement cushion sets simply “bolt on” to your existing table….EASY!

How often do I need to have my table serviced?

We have a service network throughout Australia and New Zealand. Zenith Chiropractic tables recommend a service, depending on use from once every 6 months to 1 year. Older tables and those getting a lot of use may require it sooner. Fill in the “contact us” online form or get in touch with our service agents directly.

What does my Warranty cover?

Although very seldom used, the limited 5 year parts warranty covers manufacturing defects, the unlikely chance of damage during shipping and unforeseen faults incurred through normal operation. The warranty does not cover labour in replacing parts. Damaged and mistreated equipment or damage incurred while being transported by the end user is NOT covered under this warranty. (Further details are available with the warranty card supplied with your table).

My Zenith table is out of warranty and requires repair, can you help?

YES, YES and YES! The entire ethos of our company is to provide the best tables and service anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. We will stake our reputation on it. We want you to be delighted every time you use your Zenith Chiropractic equipment. For that to happen, we want your table to be working exactly as it should for a very, very long time. We can source parts for nearly every table model ever manufactured. Often an email with a picture and description of the fault is all that’s required and we can get the parts sent directly to you. Once we provide a quotation, you can pay by credit card or direct credit.

If I import a used table can I still get service or warranties in Australia?

While we can help with service and parts, unauthorised parallel importation voids any warranties. We can't over emphasise taking caution in importing your own equipment. It will always cost far more than you first expected.

I have imported a table from overseas that runs on 110-120V, are these covered by warranty and are they legal in Australia?

Despite the inbuilt safety measures on all electrified Zenith Tables, the answer is No! Unless you have had your table inspected by a registered electrician or licensed service engineer, your table may not be earthed correctly posing a serious and completely unnecessary risk to you and your patient. Often if a 110-120V inverter is required, there may be no provision for an Earth. All equipment connected to mains power must be “body protected” by way of surge protector power-points or circuit boards. This is not unique to Zenith Tables; it is across all medical equipment used in Australia and New Zealand. Depending on your states requirements, it’s likely that periodic equipment inspections are mandatory.

I have an “older” model Zenith table, can I add features down the track?

If you love your old Zenith and don’t want to part with it yet, then adding drops or other features may be an option. The most popular upgrades are adding the pelvic or cervical drop mechanism. We can’t however guarantee your table is compatible. The best option is to fill in the “CONTACT US” form with the model table you have, what you would like and we can check to see what features your table can incorporate. Installation charges may apply.


What is the best way to get in touch with “Zenith Chiropractic – Australia & New Zealand?”

The best way is to fill in the online contact us form with you name, email, number, the model table you own or are interested in, the best time to contact you and what your enquiry relates to (don’t worry, it’s all on the form). From there we will be in touch to determine exactly what you need. For URGENT matters, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, as chiropractors, we know how precious down time is and will reply as quickly as possible.

I have seen your range of tables what I want isn’t available, can you still help?

More than likely; yes. We can customise your table with just about every feature you could ever want or need. We can also arrange bespoke upholstery, custom milled or machined accessories and even embroider your cushion sets to truly reflect who you are and what you represent.

I work hard and think I deserve a bespoke table reflect who I am, can you help?

Absolutely! From custom paint work, bespoke upholstery, sign-writing, one off engineered pieces to features that add flare, we can help. Like anything customised, your budget and imagination are the limit, so if you want something extra special to reflect exactly who you and your office represent, we would be delighted to help. In the mean time, check out the custom “Harley-Davidson” chiropractic table done for a Chiropractor in the U.S.!

Why are used Zenith Tables so rare?

Simply, with 100 years of service to the chiropractic world, Zenith tables have built a reputation as the best, most reliable equipment in the industry. They hold their value, rarely need more than a service and their lifespan often exceeds the career of the original purchaser. From time to time they become available, but beware, the main reason people sell them is due to a fault through wear and tear, prolonged or misuse. Do not buy a table just because it’s cheap. You could be buying someone else’s headaches, in turn costing you a lot more than you bargained for.

How long does it usually take for a table to be delivered after being ordered?

Generally, there is a 1-2 week order to fit in to production upon ordering, a 4-5 week manufacture and enamel paint process followed by shipping. Surface freight can take up to 5-6 weeks, air-freight can be as quick as 5 days. We use domestic, reputable carriers and brokers to ensure the entire process is as smooth as possible and your table arrives as it left the factory.

I just bought a table, how can I pay for it?

There are several methods of payment, Direct Debit, cash or cheque or through a finance company. Terms of trade are 50% deposit including GST on placing the order. The balance is then due prior to shipping from the U.S. factory. All equipment remains the property of Zenith Chiropractic until the full amount has been cleared.

Can you assist with installation of airlines and tables at my office?

Yes and No! For chiropractors setting up brand new or refitting existing clinics, running air-lines through wallsor through concrete slabs is becoming more common. If this is the case, a builder or contractor would be the best option and forward planning essential. All Zenith tables utilise a 6mm (1/4”) vinyl air-tube with standard fittings and one way valves often available through pneumatic or hydraulic shops.

Secondly, with Chiropractic table installation, if you are not confident in doing the job yourself, then we can arrange for installation for an additional charge. The premium end tables often involve 2 people to manoeuvre and install as a function of their weight. The up side is, at least you know the job is done correctly.

Installation instructions are shipped with all New Zenith Chiropractic Tables.

What are your terms of trade for parts and service?

All invoicing for parts and service are due at the time of or before the part or service are delivered. You will be asked to provide a Credit card number for all serviceing in advance. This is simply to keep our accounts receivable to nil so we can spend more time providing outstanding service and a superior customer experience rather than chase debts or overdue invoices.

What is the “patented auto relaxer and tuck-away foot board”?

This refers to cleverly designed, tuck away foot bed that folds away under the ankle rest. This combines with the automatically raising ankle rest employed to reduce hamstring strain and give accurate leg checks. The tuck-away footboard allows the doctor to step closer to the patient for more accurate leg length analysis.