HyLo and Elevation - Automatic

  • Without peer, the Zenith Thompson 460 Verti-lift is arguably the finest chiropractic table in the world today. All the benefits of the Thompson 440, with a variable height, the incredible sturdy cast-iron base, full steel construction and supple, durable upholsteries, the 460VL really is the chiropractic tool to last a life time. The variable height saves wear and tear on you for better results and total versatility. Our Lo-Force drops provide consistent, high velocity, low force adjusting. The Zenith Flagship model 460VL offers everything the uncompromising chiropractor needs. Unparalleled quality, long 5 year limited parts warranty and the reputation found in no other product. Consider the ultimate.

  • This full functioning, 3 Drop Zenith encorporates the patented Terminal Point Drops, the abdominal swingaway section on the sturdy and relianle Zenith vertilift platform. The finest table for a variety of techniques, the Automatic A75VL is the table you want.

HyLo and Elevation - Manual